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Bone Cancer is not a very common cancer and therefore there are few doctors who specialize in the treatment of Bone Cancer.

After Specializing in Orthopaedics, I had the choice to go for Joint Replacements or Orthopaedic Trauma Surgeries. I chose to tread the path less travelled and specialized in Orthopaedic Onco Surgery and Reconstruction Surgery from Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, New Delhi and Singapore General Hospital.

Dr. JS Virk, MS
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Bone Cancer

Bone Cancer is a rare form of cancer but so are the bone cancer specialists. Very few orthopaedic surgeons choose to go in the field of Ortho Onco Surgery. Dr. JS Virk is of the few Ortho Onco Surgeons in India.

Every Day is Important

Lots of patients who are suspected to have any form of cancer are kept hanging in suspense due to the delays in testing and receiving the reports of the tests. This causes inexcusable delay in the commencement of the treatment.

Limb Salvage

Amputation of the limb in cases of bone cancer is not an acceptable option for most of the patients. Every Bone Cancer Specialist must aim to preserve the limb of the patient while providing treamtnet for eradication of the cancer.

Radio Frequency Ablation in Bone Cancer

CT Guided Radio Frequency Ablation is a boon for patients with certain types of bone cancer.It is minimally invasive procedure and is very safe.

Ankle Joint Preservation

In case of giant cell tumours preserving or saving the natural joint is the key. The challenge is stiffer in case the GCT is in small joints like ankle.

Chondrosarcoma of Thigh

A very interesting case of 36 year old patient with complains of increasing pain in knee and lower thigh region. Finally diagnosed as grade 2/3 chondrosarcoma. Successfully Operated and Limb Saved.

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